Instructions - Designed to keep your Hair Extensions HEALTHY!


· Keep hair clean, wash with warm or cold water. Always wash hair immediately after swimming, spa and exercise…

· When dirt & sweat accumulate hair tangles

· Over use of leave-in conditioners & other hair care products will create build up, wash hair with a clarifying shampoo

· We supply care products for your hair extensions that prevent tangles & dryness. 

· Best result cold water should be used as often as possible, hot water opens any remaining hair cuticle making the hair porous & more susceptible to tangles, Lukewarm or even better room temperature water will help keep the cuticle closed & protecting the hair from unnecessary moisture loss

· Hair is most fragile when wet, use a wide tooth comb or ‘wet brush’

· Apply conditioner to the middle & ends of hair extensions, do not apply to the scalp or where the extensions are attached to your hair, gently work the conditioner into your hair & leave for recommended time

· If extensions are prone to tangles use a wide-toothed comb to gently work them out while the conditioner is still in the hair, rinse your extensions with cool to warm water never hot

· Make a couple of braids when going to sleep, swim or exercise 

· Never sleep with wet Hair

· Hair extensions should be separated thoroughly every week, this guards against matting & ensures extensions stay in good condition

· Hair extensions brush should only be used to brush extensions, remember always to treat your extensions with care, over aggressive brushing can cause damage & extreme puling or extensions may result in your own hair loss 

· Yes, extensions can damage your hair, but you must take a degree of responsibility & always make sure to come in for your services on time

· Sleep with a satin pillowcase

. Use castor oil or Argan oil to keep extensions healthy. Remember moisture, moisture, moisture ...

· When using styling appliance do not apply heat directly to the joins, as heat may loosen the joints

· After drying to achieve a natural blend you need to style the extensions 

· The more often you maintain your extensions the more they will last

· Always wash hair in shower not in basin keeping extension one direction (downwards)

· Never put in bun

· Never rub extensions while washing

· Do not apply any slippery products on roots, it may cause slippage

· Remember you must be prepared to put time & effort into looking after your extensions

· Wearing extensions may cause itchiness, 

· You're putting something on your head that you are not born with so there is bound to be some sort of irritation

·  Your hair never fully dries at the point of attachment, so it is always damp within the bond. The moisture can contribute to a slight overgrowth of micro-organisms, which then lead to itching, irritation or rash, just be sure to thoroughly dry your hair at the roots low heat

· Also, buildup of products can cause itchiness a good clarifying shampoo will remove build up

· When washing hair make sure to shampoo 2 – 3 times making sure scalp is clean & make sure to rinse very well as any shampoo left in can cause itchiness 

· Make sure to condition your ends

· After every service you will experience shedding, reason being throughout the wear of the extensions the attachments hold on to the hair that you would of shed on a normal basis

· And the most important rule is if you are happy with your extensions please tell a friend, if you’re not, please tell us! ... Hair extensions in Gold Coast