Frequently Asked Questions

What are iTip hair extensions?

Hair extensions are pieces of human hair that are attached to your own hair to add more body, length and volume.  This is a long lasting system where the ITip extensions are attached to the natural hair using small cylindrical beads which need to be applied by a specialist.  They are barely detectable so you can still wear your hair up and style your hair as usual.

What are wefts?

A weft is a curtain of hair used for layering under your natural hair.  The wefts can be used in combination with individual strands/Itips to get the desired results. 

What should I look for when buying extensions?

Our Remy & Virgin hair extensions are the best choice when considering which hair extensions to buy.  These hair extensions are collected in such a way as to ensure all of the hair cuticles are arranged in the same direction, just as they would in normal hair.  This results in fewer knots, allowing the hair to remain in a good state for longer periods of time.  When applied, our hair extensions are soft to touch and completely blend in with your own hair, so no one will ever know your secret!

Can anybody wear hair extensions?

Yes.  Hair extensions can be used in all types of hair, although for very short hair are not recommended.  Our hair extensions give everybody the freedom to try any number of hairstyles without having to wait for months for their own hair to grow.  Hair extensions are a great option for people who want to try out a new look, or simply add some more body to their hair, for a night out or a special occasion.